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Things Etc, since 2013; has been building enterprises, promoting Indian Handicrafts and training artisans across India. Our core area of work is developing businesses of small entrepreneurs, SHGs or social enterprises whether it is someone from the rural area or urban. We offer tailored consulting services for a variety of businesses; branding, business plans, training are some of the key focus areas.


Things Etc, through its store online and offline; works on generating sustainable livelihood opportunities for over 2000+ artisans from small NGOs, tribal artists and Women Self Help Groups.


Working with Self Help Groups (SHGs)​

Things Etc, works towards improving and sustaining livelihoods through group-based interventions, especially through Self Help Groups (SHGs) has emerged as one of the largest movements in the world. Today, there are approximately 10 million women SHGs for whom the movement has become a way of life; it has given them an identity & opportunity to engage with the outside world and remarkably change the livelihood outcomes for themselves as well as their communities. 

​ Working with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Things Etc, works with established SMEs and new entrepreneurs helping them to organize and manage their work. Some of the services are:

  • Day to day administrative Support Programme

  • Business Coaching & Mentoring Services

  • Formation of Companies in India

  • Liaising 

  • Business Setup Services.

  • Business Plan Services.

  • Facility Management Consultancy Services

  • Marketing Representation Services

  • CSR Consultancy Services

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Working with Artisans

Things Etc through its store online and offline works on generating sustainable livelihood opportunities for over 200+ artisans from small NGOs, tribal artists and Women Self Help Groups.

We follow the principles of fair trade. This means that you can be sure that, not only is everyone involved in making the products paid a fair wage, but the products are produced with care for the environment, no child labour has been used, and that every product sold helps to see the artist is able to provide for themselves and their families.



Artisans who wish to promote their products through us  Register here

Working towards having Indian handicrafts reach globally as a brand

Our Mission

Preserve and evolve Indian Handicrafts by conducting educational training and other activities and educating consumers to buy Indian Handicrafts by choice.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen Indian art and craft sector by giving sustainable livelihood to our artisans and to become the Centre of Excellence in Crafts & Design, encouraging research and bringing new life to the deteriorating art forms of India.

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