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Why I wear Sarees?

Simply because why not? Saree is not just another outfit in my closet, it’s a lifestyle! Anyone can wear: Saree is so versatile that it suits anyone who wears it. Irrespective of your body type, skin color, or body texture you can drape a saree that reflects the best in you. The versatility of a saree is not only restricted to its type but also suits every occasion, place, or event. While saree shopping no one ever asks you about your waist size or height and there is no one way of wearing them! Unlike any other cloth the older it is, the prouder you are! When I wear a saree? Whenever and wherever I can! Sarees are my comfort clothing.

Every Indian culture has a special bonding with the saree. Irrespective of culture, religion, or language, saree is accepted and acknowledged by all. One of the most unique features that make a saree so admirable is that each type of saree reflects its unique culture and art of the region it comes from. A saree is undoubtedly striking attire that unleashes a sense of respect, attractiveness, and beauty of a woman. It makes for amazing attire for any social event that gives a sense of pride with calm control over herself for any woman. #beauty #respect #clothing #SareeLove #SareeStyle #SareeFashion #SareeGoals #SareeInspiration #SareeDraping #SareeSlay #SareeSwag #SareeTrend #SareeAddict #SareeVibes #SareeGlam #SareeQueen #SareeMagic #SareeGorgeous

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