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Saree not just an attire…

Am a full time saree person. I wear saree to office every single day. I know what you are thinking now. “Saree? To the office? …I also dance in saree Saree is an attire unknowingly influences the attitude of the wearer.

Top 3 reasons you must wear saree to work daily

Conversation starters…always

The day you wear a saree to office, be sure to be bombarded with questions like, “how did you find time to drape it?” or “where did you get it from?” Some people might even comment on your beauty and gracefulness (ahem!) Another great way to bond with your coworkers – over a saree!

Style statement

You automatically and effortlessly stand out, you regularly start wearing a saree to work, you could also become “the lady in the saree!” Be ready to turn some heads wherever you go!


Sarees, however, do not require you to be of any standard size. You can be of any shape and yet, you can drape a saree and look great.

Like most of the women I too take good amount of time to choose which saree to wear. I choose a saree based on my mood or what kind of mood I would like to be in…most of the time its self motivated.

In picture : Madurai Pure Handloom Cotton Sungadi Saree with double border

Blouse : Irkal

Jewellery : Shaka Pola from West Bengal, Kada from Amritsar Golden Temple, Maharashtrian Mangalsutra, Pearl and gold earrings from Kerala

In short I am an Indian carrying my motherland in my heart and with my attire

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