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Saree keeps people live

I had just spoken to her couple of times over phone. She was a government employee settled in her life with two sons. Her younger son and me had met at one of of the networking events 6-7 years back.

Instantly we became friends and started speaking on regular basis. He used to to speak to his mom about me especially how I used to be straight forward while talking.

I remember the first time his mum and me spoke over phone. She said "achcha kiya tune use daata at least teri tu sunega. Use hamesha guide karna".

The first time when I met her she had made the most amazing Sheera I had ever had. She also gave me a gift which is a usual Maharashtrian tradition when a lady comes the first time to a house. It's known as "oti bharna".

Years went by we spoke over phone.

2 years back when we spoke she said "kuchh din maa ke pass aake aaram kar". I was so touched by those words as no one ever had told me this ever.

Soon after we spoke in a months time she passed away. Vipul and me have been friends, mentors to each other. Some days back he said, i have moms sarees dont know what to do ..i said give it to me ..he was surprised to hear and said i thought to give it to you only but....

We have our family (mom, grandmother) sarees with us but having gifted a saree of your friends mom is a honour. This slik Patola Ikkat saree is of wearing it i feel she is with mom is beside me. I feel blessed that a six yard material can keep people alive and am fortunate to have been the chosen one.

Patolas are sovereign range of handwoven Silk sarees created in Patan, Gujarat. These are double ikat sarees woven by resist dying process using the warp & weft technique. There are two varieties of Patola sarees - Rajkot Patola & Patan Patola. The first one is created using vertical resist-dyeing technique i.e., single Ikat and the later one is horizontal resist-dyeing technique i.e., double Ikat.

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