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Bamboo Art

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The Handicrafts of Bamboo is one among the oldest crafts better-known to man. It’s universally practiced at varied regions throughout India. India is had a fashionable source bamboo materials, and therefore the Indian artisans had observe to provide beautiful utility articles. These things are meant for family uses. In trendy days, numerous types of decorative things also are created out of cane and bamboo. The craft of Bamboo cane is full time employment of thousands of individuals in India. These artisans also are engaged in creating decorative things. the decorative price of Bamboo craft things is huge. The utilitarian side of those bamboo articles is an extra attraction.

Bamboo crafts in India are very popular due to its eco friendly attributes. The bamboo craft is associated with cane and bamboo, and had been a part of Indian crafts giving rise to the expression of tribal art and provided them livelihood. As India is blessed with deft artistry, these types of craft developed in this country very soon and with the changing of style and trend, the craft has developed its designs and deftly blended tradition with fashion.

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