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Don’t we all love wearing a Saree?

This wonderful piece of cloth adds elegance to our look. Undoubtedly, saree is the attire, which is appreciated by men too. Therefore, if you want to gain somebody’s attention or just be a diva, Saree is your thing.

5 Important Tips to Look Elegant in Saree

1. Right Fabric to elevate your appearance

Sarees come in different fabrics & colors. The look of your saree depends on the kind of event you want to attend & the choice of fabric.

While cotton looks neat & crisp it creases fast and needs to be smooth-ironed after every wash.

If you prefer regular wear, you can choose Chiffon, Rayon, Georgette & other fabrics since they are easy to manage. Getting the fabric right can help you carry your saree with grace.

2. Choose the right color that makes you look amazing

Bright colors add volume to a person's look & that is why such sarees are donned in weddings or social gatherings. Subtle or mellow colors depict the attitude of focus while maintaining a trendy look.

3. Right Blouse matters

Choosing a blouse that complements your saree can easily be regarded as one of the best tips to accentuate your look. You can choose the same color of saree for the blouse or go for soft colors that match with the color of the saree. You can go for pattern-based blouses to bring a wonderful effect to the overall look of your saree.

4. The Drape can make or break your look

Wondering how to style saree? Drape it properly to be a showstopper! Draping is an integral part of wearing a saree. There are plenty of draping styles that can seamlessly enhance your appearance.Emphasize on pleating the saree neatly & pinning it.

5. Complement with Beautiful Accessories

Accessories complete your look. However, accessorizing depends on the type of saree you are wearing. If you are wearing a heavy saree for weddings or social gatherings, then you can easily use heavy accessories. But, if you are opting for daily wear sarees, then you need to choose light accessories to balance your look.

Thus, these are a few helpful tips on how to dress up in a saree & look exquisite

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